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Fri, 23/11/2018 - 07:33

Everything 15% off this weekend at the ESAshop - plus a supermassive selection of new planetary winter wear!

Focus on Vega developments

Fri, 23/11/2018 - 07:00

Vega is proving its reliability. Based on this heritage, ESA and European industry are building new elements that will increase Vega’s performance, capabilities and flexibility from mid-2019.

Keeping an eye on InSight

Thu, 22/11/2018 - 14:02

On Monday, ESA's majestic, 35-metre deep space antenna in Australia will contact NASA's InSight mission, currently preparing to touchdown on Mars

Shaping the surface of Mars with water, wind and ice

Thu, 22/11/2018 - 10:00

ESA’s Mars Express has imaged an intriguing part of the Red Planet’s surface: a rocky, fragmented, furrowed escarpment lying at the boundary of the northern and southern hemisphere.

Paradise lost

Wed, 21/11/2018 - 16:38

California's Camp Fire has been one of the state’s most destructive. This animation uses data from different Copernicus Sentinels to show the spread of aerosols and smoke

Lunar imprint

Wed, 21/11/2018 - 11:15

Technology image of the week: a vision of a future Moon base, produced using 3D printing, as detailed in a new video

Space Talks at Frankfurt Airport

Wed, 21/11/2018 - 07:45

Throughout November, Europe has been talking space in a series of grassroots events sweeping across the continent. To mark the grand finale of the European Space Talks on 24 November, ESA, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and its partners invite you to an interactive, informal Space Talk at Frankfurt International Airport.

Vega launches Earth observation satellite for Morocco

Wed, 21/11/2018 - 02:39

Arianespace has launched a Vega rocket to deliver an Earth observation satellite into orbit for the Kingdom of Morocco.

Twice around Earth

Tue, 20/11/2018 - 14:40

Take a trip around our planet with the longest continuous timelapse from the International Space Station – celebrating its 20-year anniversary

Moon base

Tue, 20/11/2018 - 13:05

Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Pangaea-X tests exploration technology at a simulated Moon base on Lanzarote

Exploration makes perfect

Mon, 19/11/2018 - 17:03

Testing the technology to explore other planets starts on Earth. While robots scout uncharted terrains, moonwalkers analyse rocks and send detailed geological descriptions to mission control. Artificial intelligence gets better with human interaction and the Moon is front of mind.

Young Graduate Trainees

Mon, 19/11/2018 - 14:25

We are looking for more than 100 bright minds to join our team. Apply now - your path to space begins at ESA!

A job and a half for first Eurostar Neo mission

Mon, 19/11/2018 - 08:47

ESA’s Neosat platform developed with Airbus – Eurostar Neo – has found its first mission; supplying two satellites for a role currently being performed by three. 

ɸ-week highlights

Fri, 16/11/2018 - 17:20

As ESA’s ɸ-week draws to a close, let’s take a look at some of the ɸ-week highlights

ɸ and citizens

Fri, 16/11/2018 - 15:00

As ESA’s ɸ-week draws to a close, it’s worth remembering that the science and technology involved in observing our planet from space isn’t entirely for the preserve of experts. With a growing interest in the environment and the climate, there are plenty of opportunities for the general public to take part.

Microlaunchers: new ways to access space

Fri, 16/11/2018 - 13:40

Access to space was in the spotlight at this week's Φ event which followed an ESA-hosted workshop on Europe’s emerging microlaunch services held in Paris, France for industry, investors and institutions.

What is ɸ?

Fri, 16/11/2018 - 11:56

Josef Aschbacher, ESA's Director of Earth Observation Programmes, explains his concept of ɸ

ɸ and commercialisation

Fri, 16/11/2018 - 10:10

The main focus of day four at ESA’s ɸ-week was on the opportunities Earth observation can bring to business and the economy

Electric blue thrusters propelling BepiColombo to Mercury

Fri, 16/11/2018 - 09:34

In mid-December, twin discs will begin glowing blue on the underside of a minibus-sized spacecraft in deep space. At that moment Europe and Japan’s BepiColombo mission will have just come a crucial step closer to Mercury.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Fri, 16/11/2018 - 08:45

It may not be your actual Superman, but participants to ESA’s ɸ-week are certainly embracing some ‘superhero’ ideas for the future of Earth observation, including high-flying platforms – something between a satellite and an aircraft.