The Night Sky in MARCH 2024

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The days are getting noticeably longer with consequent shorting of the nights. Stars and objects of the Spring Sky are starting to show themselves at around 9pm.

The Moon 

Last Quarter 2nd March at 1523   New Moon 9th March at 0900

First Quarter 16th March at 0410  Full Moon 24th March at 0700

The Planets   Sunrise on 15th March is 0618 and sets at 1810   

               Mercury   Venus    Moon    Mars    Jupiter   Saturn   Uranus

Rise         0638        0555      0917    0537     0746      0610      0754

Set          1933        1559      0130    1458    2247      1640      2326

In summary   

Mercury, Venus and Mars are very challenging objects to see this month.

Mercury may be glimpsed in the evening twilight very low in the west.

Venus and Mars are too close to the Sun.

Jupiter is an evening object visible from around 8pm for a short time before it sets in the west.

Saturn is too close to the Sun this month.

Uranus will be visible after 7.30pm until 10pm, in the western sky.

Meteor Showers  March hosts no major meteor showers

Bright Comet  

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks could be a nice binocular comet during March as it passes through Andromeda. It will be visible in the early evening and sets between midnight and 3am.

 There are no other Comets brighter than 8th magnitude visible this month.

 Comet C/2021 S3 PANSTARRS will be a 10th magnitude object and be visible quite low down before dawn as it passes through Aquila the Eagle. It should be visible in binoculars or a small telescope.

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Other phenomena to look out for

2024 has continued the trend for very good opportunities for spotting the Tricky Lady [Northern Lights].

Also, the solar activity is still strong as we head towards solar maximum this year or 2025, so if have a Solar Filter check out the daily changes to Sunspots. There have been some very large spots and groups visible in recent weeks.

Night Sky View

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