About Us

Welcome from the Huddersfield Astronomical And Philosophical Society

Whether you are a complete beginner or a veteran astronomer, young or elderly, male or female you will be welcomed by the society.

Our aim is to cover all aspects of astronomy, encouraging people of all ages to pursue this fascinating science as far as they can.

The Society meets every Friday evening at 7.30 p.m., mostly in the clubroom at 4A Railway Street in Huddersfield; where we regularly host guest speakers from both the amateur and professional astronomical communities who are invited to lecture to both Society members and the general public.

Other activities involve talks by Society members, quizzes, results from society members Imaging trips to places like Northumberland and the lake District and practical sessions, which may be held either in the clubroom or at the Society's observatory. Also, there are several annual social occasions, such as the Christmas dinner, summer barbecue.

The Astronomical Society also visits places of interest such as Jodrell Bank and organises trips to astronomy conventions such as the annual Leeds Astromeet and the European Astrofest in London.

In the past, the Society has run telescope-making classes, courses in O-level astronomy,
and beginner's courses in introductory astronomy.

The Society members cover the entire spectrum of astronomical knowledge and experience. The Society Secretary, Marcus, has a Degree in Astrophysics, a number of members have undertaken distance learning courses in Astronomy from local Universities and some have just grown up for many years watching the Sky at Night program on the BBC and gaining knowledge by listening to and learning from other amateur astronomers.

If you have a telescope and want to know how to use it better - we can help.

If you are contemplating the purchase of a telescope - we can provide honest advice about the pros and cons of the various types

If you want to know more about what can be seen in the night sky - please come along to an Night Sky notes presentation and/or an observing session and we can show you some of the many interesting features you can see in our night sky.