The Winter Night Sky

Winter is drawing in and the nights are getting longer.

This winter there are very few planets about, but on the flip side there are a number of good opportunities to see the major meteor showers of the year.

November starts with the Taurids shower around the 8th November followed by the Leonid Shower around the 17th. The Taurids are few in number but very bright whereas the Leonids are many in number but faint. With a waning Moon the Taurids will be a challenge to see but the Leonids occur near new Moon so if the sky is clear on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th get out after 10pm and track them down - expect upwards of 50 per hour - about 1 per minute.

In December the Geminids are about on the 13th. With a waning crescent moon it will be a fair opportunity to see this shower this year - expect up to 50 per hour.

On January 4th the Quadrantids shower - with a radiant in Bootes is active. The Moon will interfere but these can be bright though few in number so give them a go.

Other sky goings on are int he enclosed notes and star charts

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