Useful Links

Informative Sites

Night Sky Magazine Apps and Games - Links to numerous fun and informative applications and games recommended by the helpful folks at Night Sky Magazine. - Informative website about stargazing events in your area

The Official Website of Sir Partrick Moore - Needs no introduction. - Sea and Sky Astronomy reference website.

NASA - Who? - Some handy resources for night sky observation

Astronomical Observing programs and a lot more:

International Astronomical Union:

Useful Programs

Stellarium - Highly recommended free and open source planetarium software.

World Wide Telescope - Microsoft Research have whipped up a very impressive 'Virtual Telecope', which provides access to images from many well known space and ground-based telescope projects.

Online Skycharts

Sky View Cafe - Fully featured Skychart which runs in your web browser (requires Java browser plugin)

Interactive Constellation Skycharts - Interactive, browser-based skycharts for each of the constellations (requires Java plugin)


Jodcast - Astronomy Podcast based at the Jodrell bank Centre for Astrophysics

365 Days of Astronomy - A new astronomy podcast released every day!

Recommended Forums

Stargazers Lounge - Probably the internet's most popular astronomy forum. Old, young, beginner and experienced astronomers are catered for here. There is a lively atmosphere and people are always willing to offer valuable advice to beginners. Also, check out the Picture of the Week thread!

Observing Guides

These are useful observing guides that ca be viewed on a laptop or printed off...

Celestial Navigation - whats that?