Transit Of Venus

This is one of a number of images taken on a  trip to America and Hawaii - where the ToV was viewed from half way up the Mauna Kea Volcano.
The image shows 'second contact' and you may see the 'Black Drop' effect and you can see some of the many sunspots that were also visible at the time of the Transit
On Hawaii, the ToV started [first contact] at around 1230 local time and lasted until around 1845 local time.
The weather was clear from start to finish
The image was taken with a Canon 350d at ISO 200 and 1/1250th second exposure at -1 stop. The camera was directly coupled to a Borg 77ED Telescope using a  full aperture Baader AstroSolar Film filter
Image is (c) Robert Williams, Astronomy Society President & Observatory Director
For more images and details of the trip please come along to the free presentation on Friday 24th August at 4A Railway Street, Huddersfield at 7.30pm

Transit Of Venus
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