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Observatory Location


United Kingdom
53° 37' 16.6332" N, 1° 50' 28.6872" W

Directions from Huddersfield Centre PostcodeHD75TR

From the ‘A62 Ring Road’, follow the signs for ‘A62 Oldham’. If you are coming from the ‘University side’ of the A62 Ring Road, ensure that you are in the second from the left lane as you approach the large ‘interchange’, about ¼ mile beyond the University Campus, on the A62 Ring Road. If you are coming from the ‘Technical College’ side of the Ring Road, ensure that as you pass by the ‘Magistrates Court’, that you are in the far RHS lane, as you approach this same junction, but from the opposite side. The junction is nearby the ‘Aldi’ Store.
On the A62 Oldham road, be aware of ‘SPEED CAMERAS’, just before you pass by a large church (the Church is on your RHS). You will then pass ‘Wickes’ DIY Store (on your LHS).
At the next set of traffic lights, you will see a sign for ‘Countrywide Leisure’. Follow this sign (i.e. keep left) through the first sets of traffic lights, and once through these lights, keep in the RHS lane as you pass through the second set of lights, just before ‘Northern Battery Service’.
Continue uphill, passing through a ‘Pelican Crossing’. At the next major junction, you will see the ‘Junction Pub’, in front of you. Keep in the LHS (‘filter arrow’) lane. This takes you onto Blackmoorfoot Road.
Keep on Blackmoorfoot Road, going uphill. After passing through another major junction (with traffic lights), and after passing by the following ‘buildings’:

a) St Luke’s Hospital (on your LHS)
b) ‘Countrywide Leisure’ (‘Black Cat’ Fireworks) [on your RHS]
c) ‘Johnson’s Quarry’ (on your LHS)

You will eventually reach the ‘Sands House’ Public House.
Just above the ‘Sands House’ is the turn-off for ‘Crosland Heath Golf Club’ (to your RHS)
Keep on Blackmoorfoot Road, for a further ¼ mile, passing by a Caravan Park and ‘Airfield’ (both on your LHS). Just by the Caravan Park is a ‘road-sign’ indicating a road junction on your LHS. This is Nopper Road.
About 100 meters above this road, on the RHS is a large ‘lay-by’. Park near the ‘bottom’ of the lay-by, by the 'Observatory' signpost and the Observatory is about 100 meters up the rough track.
If you miss the junction and continue on Blackmoorfoot Road, you will start to go downhill, until you reach the ‘Bull’s Head’ pub.
If you get this far, turn round and retrace your steps. The Observatory will now be on your LHS.

If you have Sat-Nav in your car, the Observatory location is HD75TR