Information for groups wishing to visit the Observatory and requests for Astronomy 'outreach' activities at your location

The following information is some general guidance for any group wishing to visit the Observatory or any community organisation [School, Scouts, Brownies etc.], who would like a member of HAPS to visit you with a telescope.
Firstly, for groups wishing to visit the Observatory please undertake the following before submitting a request via the Contact form
1) Please avoid dates that clash with any other activity run by the Society - please consult the on-line Program for more details, then
2) Decide if your group would like to come to the Observatory or would you like a HAPS member to visit you with a telescope - both options are usually possible
3) Please ensure that when you have decided on a date that you contact us asap - at least 4 weeks in advance of your chosen date - as we may already be booked or otherwise unavailable
4) If your total group size [i.e. including any carers, supervising adults etc.] is greater than 15 we suggest that you split the group into two visits to the Observatory - please contact us for further guidance as we may still be able to accommodate a group up to 20 people in total on one visit - if we are visiting you then there is no limit.
5) Outreach - the Astronomy Society has a number of portable telescopes, which we can bring to your meeting place.
We can bring a portable solar telescope - which is 100% guaranteed safe for viewing the Sun or a small standard telescope for viewing the Moon, planets - if they are visible - and, if the location is reasonably situated away from streetlights - perhaps a few more interesting night sky objects.
If the sky is cloudy, during the visit, we can provide a 'plan B' to give a presentation about the night sky, images taken by professional telescopes, some 'hands on' activities and we have a small selection of meteorites
We can tailor the evening to suit the requirements of the StarGazing badges for cubs, scouts, brownies guides etc.
We have all been CRB checked and have been doing these activities for many years.
If you have particular requirements or any special needs please get in touch in advance.
The Observatory is fitted with an Induction Loop system.
President of the Astronomy Society