History of The Society

The Astronomical Society was formed in 1968 out of an adult education class and subsequently acquired its own Clubroom, conveniently located in the centre of the town of Huddersfield. Based at 4A Railway Street, just off St. George's Square, and within a five-minute walk of both the bus and train stations, the Society's meeting place could not be more central.

In the past, the Society has run telescope-making classes, courses in O-level astronomy, and beginner's courses in introductory astronomy, encouraging people of all ages to pursue this fascinating science as far as they can. Consequently, several members have gone on to study astronomy and space science at degree level and beyond.

The Observatory was built on an World War 2 Observer Corps post at Crosland Moor. The original building was derelict and needed a lot of work before building could commence.

 Work began in the 1970’s  and local company's and organisation supplied equipment expertise and donations to enable the observatory to be completed


In 1976 the first telescope was installed

In 2003 a new Meade 16" was installed


In 2006 The Mayor of Huddersfield formally opened the observatory