Campaign for Dark Skies

Campaign for Dark Skies, sometimes also known as CfDS, is a forum, run by astronomers in the UK in support of ensuring that anyone can find places to go to, in order to be able to view the Milky Way and other aspects of our Night Skies, free from the problems caused by unnecessary or overuse of artificial lighting, in town centres as well as out-of-town developments.

If you have never been to a place where there is little or no light pollution you cannot fully appreciate just what can be seen of our own galaxy - and you don't need a telescope to view it - if you know where to go.

CfDS is all about outreach activities to show what can be done to preserve our views of the night skies.

Currently CfDS is supporting an e-petition to make the government fully away of what might be lost in places where such light-polluting developments take place without thought for the less-well-known impact of out-of-town shopping centres and other leisure complexes.

To find out more please view the e-petition here....


"Turn street lights off for at least part of the night" - <>

For more information about CfDS please browse their website ..... Also check out this website for the latest star-count survey......